What types of fuel can I use Blue 42 in?

Blue 42 works in diesel, gasoline, E10, heating, oil, and biodiesel.

What benefits may be expected from using Blue 42 with every fill-up?

Blue 42 can deliver these benefits when used in every gallon of fuel:

  • Safely disperses moisture during fuel movement, preventing water bottoms from accumulating
  • Breaks down sludge, allowing more complete tank cleaning, while preventing formation of new sludge
  • Cleans entire fuel system
  • Reduces emissions
  • Improves performance
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Disperses bacteria and mold
  • Stops knocking and pinging
  • Removes combustion chamber carbon deposits
  • Increase storage life
  • Reduces blow-by gasses, protecting lube-oil integrity
  • Reduces fuel filter plugging and engine maintenance costs
How does Blue 42 work?

Blue 42 uses enzymes, nature’s most powerful catalysts, to redefine the molecular structure of gasoline and diesel. Blue 42’s all-natural enzymes purify fuel and improve oxygenation during combustion. With cleaner fuel, fuel filter costs are reduced. By improving combustion, abrasive soot and corrosive exhaust gases are reduced, reducing engine wear by protecting lube oil integrity.

Is the price of Blue 42 competitive with chemical fuel additives and tank cleaners?

Blue 42 has one of the lowest per-gallon treatment costs of any fuel additive on the market, and with laboratory-tested improvements in fuel economy ranging from 1.5% to as high at 10%, Blue 42 pays always pays for itself, often by several times its initial cost.

Will Blue 42 void my warranty?

No. Blue 42 is registered with the US EPA under the “substantially similar” rule, (40 CFR 79.21) and therefore can be used in all transportation commerce, on or off-road.

Is Blue 42 safe to use with other additives?

Yes. Although there are hundreds of aftermarket fuel additives in the marketplace, the vast majority of them use the same basic chemical additives used by refineries. Blue 42 has been used for more than 20 years in every fuel brand in the United States, as well in more than 40 countries, without ever having seen any negative interaction between our enzymes and chemical additives. Blue42 is a multi-functional fuel additive, and under most circumstances, it is not necessary to use other fuel additives. Blue42 is not an anti-gel additive, and in cases of extreme cold, Blue42 has been shown to be compatible with anti-gel additives.

Why do I need to add Blue42 to my fuel?

All fuel tank systems are vented to allow for filling and dispensing. Every transfer from a tank farm, pipeline, rack, distributor, or tanker allows an entry point for oxygen, water, rust, silicate, microbes, and dirt to contaminate the fuel.

Do I need Blue42 if my fuel looks clear and clean?

Yes. Today’s Tier 4 engines require fuel to meet an ISO 4406 requirement of 18/16/ 13. The 18 represents the number of 4 micron particles. 4 micron particles are not visible to the human eye. The major engine manufacturers today publish Tier4 fuel requirements in their warranty.

If I live in a humid environment is Blue42 more or less necessary?

Without question, more necessary. The additives in many of today’s Low Sulfur diesel fuels tend to attract moisture to the fuel. Moisture increases the risk of microbial growth and fuel filter plugging. Quite frankly sulfur is a natural antibiotic and reduced sulfur likely means increased opportunity for MIC (microbial influenced corrosion). Microbes decay and form organic acids. Acids for rust and degrade fuel combustion properties.

What happens if we over dose the tank?

Relax, Blue42 enzymes won’t fall out of solution even when grossly over dosed and won’t react with other chemicals to form deposits, regardless of temperature or length of storage.

If I use Blue42 in my fuel tanks, do I still need to clean them?

Yes, and Yes! Blue42 will enhance the cleaning process by dropping out particulate, free water, and microbes to the bottom of the tank making cleaning more efficient. We recommend cleaning of fuel tanks every six months to one year, even when using Blue42.

What is all the conversation about HUMBUGS?

HUMBUGS are infestations in the fuel of microorganisms. They thrive in fuel with water and secrete extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) that binds dead organisms on the tank wall forming a bio-film. This bio-film protects underlying living organisms from chemical biocides. Just like bacteria, an ineffective use of biocides can create SUPER-HUMBUGS with huge teeth. Just kidding about the huge teeth-I think. Blue42 is not a biocide and does not kill HUMBUGS, but the enzymes are surfactants that disperse water in very small droplets drying out the fuel as it is consumed. Organisms can’t thrive without water. Further, Blue42 enzymes break down existing bio-films causing the bio-mass to soften and lose its grip on the tank surfaces. This allows you, or your fuel professional to easier remove the inorganic matter that becomes trapped in the sludge.

Are you 'mission critical' ready?

Most fuel users don’t think about this because the fuel in their tanks is “out of sight-out and out of mind.” Be your own risk manager! What would happen if your lack of fuel management stopped the ambulance on the way to the hospital or failed to start the generator when your surgery is underway during a storm? How about the backup generator not starting at a major data center during a catastrophic failure of power, or the offshore work boat engine that doesn’t start when evacuating workers when the hurricane is approaching, or the engine that fails as the tug boat is pushing the barge in congested waters. Picture the 1000 acres of sorghum to bring that are crucial to your family’s income for the year and your combine is idle. These are but a few of ‘mission critical’ needs every day in our lives. Blue42 should be part of your mission critical planning!